Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adventures of Noody,reviewed by Harshit Chawla

Adventures of Noody

Reviewed by
Harshit Chawla
Summer Fields School

Adventures of Noody is my favourite book. Noddy inhabits the wonderful Toyland. Noddy has a wonderful little car which he always keep racing around the streets of Toy Town laid. Mr. Sparks, Big Ears, Tessle Goblins, Martha Monkey are all his friends, not to forget his favourite person in Toy Land, Mr. Plod, the policemen. Noddy and his faithful car, which accompanies him in his adventures and saves his bacon on a umber of occasions. He has series of fun adventures and the one that I like most is “Noddy and the special key”. In this story one day Noddy while driving through the street of Toyland, was unable to stop his little car as its brakes was not working. on seeing this Mr. Plod shouted at him “Slow down”. “I don’t think I can!” said Noddy and his car bumped into an old oak tree and finally stopped. Noddy quickly took the key of his car “Well the special key did start my car but I shall not use it again.” Actually this is clockwork Mouse key which Goblins have stolen and that’s why he was unable to do amazing leaps. I think these books are very good way of introducing children to the wonderful world of reading.

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