Monday, December 14, 2009

Anath Babu's Terror by Satyajit Ray, reviewed by Vishruti Kochar

Anath Babu's Terror by Satyajit Ray

Reviewed by
Name: Vishruti Kochar
School: Delhi Public School, Indirapuram

'Anath babu's terror' has been written by satyajit ray,and has been published in one of his story collection 'one dozen stories' originally written in bengali as 'ek dojon goppo'.'anath babu's terror' is tale of a ghost hunter's foray into a haunted house.the narrator,when going on a holiday to write in peace to raghunathpur meets an eccentric and strange character ,anath babu.he was quite oddly and traditionally dressed.the narrator met him again in raghunathpur and found out that he was interested in the strange and esotric and had travelled from one end of india to the other in seach of authentic ghosts.he had spent all his life gathering information about life after death,spirits,vampires,draculas,werevolves,black magic,voodoo-the lot.he had spent twenty-five years living in haunted houses.dak bungalows, and indigo cottages.soon he comes to know about a haunted house,where the body of a haldar who had been found lying deadon the floor,stone cold ,eyes open and staring at the cieling.
He tells the narrator that he has decided to spend a night in the west room ,the most huanted room of the house.but before that he had and the narrator went to tnvestigate the house,and anath babu could smell a spirit lurking in the house.the next day the narrator could not concentrate on his work and went to meet anath babu,to investigat about his ghostly experience.when the writer asked him about last night ,he didn't answer but rather asked the narrator to go to the west room,to get his answer.the narrator did so and when his eyes fell on the floor ,a sudden creep,a wave of horror swept over him.he fond anath babu lying on the floor ,stiff and stone cold,staring at the ceiling with a look of horror in his eyes! When he tried to run ,he found anath babu in the passage outside laughing raucously,his voice was drowning him in it,paralysing his senses! Later the narrator finds himselfvin his house ,and his friend teling him about anath babu's dead body in the mansion.

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