Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Painter Of Signs by R.K. Narayan, reviewed by Namrata Vashishth

The Painter Of Signs by R.K. Narayan

Reviewed by
Namrata Vashishth
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

About the Author

R.K. Narayan (1906-2001) born and educated in India, was the author of fourteen novels and numerous short stories and essays a memoir and three retold myths. October 10th, 2006 is the centimental of Narayan’s birth. He was awarded with a number of prizes.

Main Characters

a) Raman

b) Daisy

c) Aunt

d) Bangle seller


It is about a painter in the imaginary town of malgudi. His name is Raman. He lives at home with his aunt, who takes care of him. She took care of him from the time when his parents died. She is very religious person and goes to the temple. Every body Raman paint signs for different- types of people. For e.g. Bangle seller one day he is asked to paint sign of this lady. Raman gets attracted to this lady. Daisy starts visiting here meanwhile Daisy was planning to do a Birth control campaign she is going to visit some of the remote villages to explain this since, Raman helps her she decides to take Raman with her. They travel from village to village and fall in love but Daisy, like Ganga in the legend of King ‘Shantanu’ lays down conditions for their marriage. Raman argues but Daisy refuses as the topic of her mission was more important and Raman though is next birth he will meet her and thus prove to be a true Indian. The main objective of the story was above. How Daisy hookes al the chains of women and motivates other. Therefore, I think you should read this book.

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