Monday, December 14, 2009

Mother’s Love by Mahashweta Devi, reviewed by Madhurima Ganguly

Mother’s Love by Mahashweta Devi

Reviewed by
Name: Madhurima Ganguly (12 years)
School: Fr. Agnel School,Gautam Nagar, New Delhi

Name of the characters: Shushila, Ram, Rani
Place: Jamshedpur

This Book is a non – fiction work as it is not an imaginary one, this story is based on what happens in the modern families.

I feel the writer, Mahashweta Devi has written this heart touching and heart wracking story by observing the loopholes in a complete happy family and she has also described the importance and necessity of a mother’s love for her child.

Summary: An old and loving lady stayed with her son in the village of Jamshedpur. The lady’s name was Shushila and her beloved son was named Ram. They were satisfied with what all they had, they found it plenty. After some years the son married a beautiful young girl named Rani, she was cruel from the heart but the son couldn’t recognize her cruelness, guiltiness as well as wickedness and still loved her. After some years of their marriage the wife showed her real face. One day she demanded her husband to bring all the valuables and jewels that his mother had. He was feeling very ashamed but he was forced by his wife and unwillingly asked his mother for her jewellery. His mother readily accepted and handed him with all her valuables. One day the wife crossed her limits and ordered her husband to kill his mother. After his wife’s demand, he was ashamed of himself to marry such a woman. But he had no other option other than listening to his wife. Therefore one night he killed his mother and was taking the dead body to dispose off. It was dark everywhere so he could not see the way clearly and felt a sudden jerk and fell down. The caring soul of his mother asked her son if he was hurt badly or not. The son was ashamed and depressed to kill his beloved mother. After disposing off the dead body he went his way to home crying and with a heavy heart. On reaching home, he saw his cruel wife waiting for him to hear his mother’s news. He was very angry, his wife told him to maintain his cool. He gave a fierce look to his wife and lost all his senses and killed his wife with a dagger. He took the revenge of his mother’s death because he felt his mother’s absence ness.

My opinion and judgement about this story is that mother’s love is infinite but the child should also respect his or her parents. Mother’s love is as great as marvelous. Mother loves a child without any expectation that the child will care a lot in return. She just wants that the child should respect her.

This book is worth reading because it tells us about the importance of mothers. They are God gifted and we should read more about this book to understand the bond a mother and her child.

The part of the story I loved is when she asked her son that if he was hurt or not. This was heart wracking line, it has a great importance in the story, it tells us about a mother, how much she loves her child, and she is not mean. She sacrifices a lot for her child. If the child betrays her a lot but still she continues to love her child.
The character I liked the most is the mother’s character. We wouldn’t find any loophole in her character. The whole story circle’s her importance. Without her the story would have been incomplete. It reminds us about the necessity of a mother in a child’s life. It reminds me about the affection given by my mother to me. Mother is a precious word and has a lot of value. She is the most beautiful gift provided to us by God and we should love her as well respect her. Mother’s love is selfless.

“The depth of the sea still finite but mother’s love is infinite”

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