Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Speckled Band by Sir Conan Doyle, reviewed by Smriti Khurana

The Speckled Band by Sir Conan Doyle

Reviewed by
Name: Smriti Khurana
School: Gyan Mandir Public School


1) Sherlock Holmes -Detective
2) Dr. Waston -A doctor
3) Helen Stoner -The elder daughter stepfation
4) Dr. Roylott -A animal doctor
5) Julia Stoner -The younger
6) Mrs. Stoner -Mother of Helen & Julia


A lady dressed in Black, wearing a thick veil was sitting by the window was Helen Stoner. A introduction to her and Sherlock Holmes introduction is going on. He noticed that she was shivering, pale and was frightened. She requested Holmes to help her because she is getting married in a month or two. She lives with his stepfather and her mother was died when she got again married with Dr. Roylott. The family was once of the richer in England into Berkshire in the north. Dr. Roylott was sent to prison for many years for terrible act for many years for got married with my mother. When she was did a terrible change came over. She was died at that night only. Nobody was where I heard. My sister’s scream and I got shocked at that me. All are in their rooms only. After a week his father told her to shift at Julia’s room because some construction is going on in my room and I was shocked when heard about her death. Sherlock Holmes told he something and she had locked him at his room when she head whistling sound Sherlock Holmes was signaled and he come in to the room by window. He took a chair. He was quiet and doing nothing when she again heard whistling then Sherlock Holmes observed that his whistling is coming from ventilator which directly goes to Roylott’s room. Holmes whistled again to encounter the attack. He was surprised because he doesn’t found anything at Julia’s death and that when enter me at his home. The snake was very dangerous and it has no cure to protect from it poison told Dr. Waston.

My Opinion

It is very interesting story. I must read. I hope all will read this story.

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