Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mother’s Day By J.B. Priestley, reviewed by Shubham Yadav

Mother’s Day By J.B. Priestley

Reviewed by
Name: Shubham Yadav
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

• George Pearson
• Mrs. Anney Pearson
• Doris Pearson
• Cyril Pearson
• Mrs. Fitzgerald

The person whom we al adore next to god is mother. We can never repay our debt of gratitude to her. Yet it is really ironical to note that she rarely gets her due. Her services are taken for granted by the children. Even her husband doesn’t acknowledge her devotion. All treat her as a housemaid. This one-act play deals with the universal problem in depth and suggests an effective solution also. Mrs. Pearson is the victim of neglect and ill-treatment by her husband, George, her son Cyril and her daughter Doris. She discussed her problem with her fortune – telling neighbour Mrs. Fitzgerald. The bold and firm neighbour advises her to take a bold stand and refuse to their tune. Since Mr. Pearson is too weak and docile to displease her family, she let her neigbours to do the same. Mrs. Fitzgerald rebukes all the three and shows them their places. They are shocked and become subdued. They submit meekly to the wishes of their mother. It is the Mrs. Pearson’s day of victory.

My Opinion
The story is very good for my opinion. It is to give respect to mother. All persons who had read that were mostly liked.

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