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The Missing Mail by R.K Narayan, reviewed by Arsh

The Missing Mail by R.K Narayan

Reviewed by
Name: Arsh
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

About the Author

Rasipuran Krishnaswami Narayan was born on 10th October 1906 in Madras in Inda. He was a prolific Indian writer whose exquisitely crafted stories and novels provided witty and perceptive about life in India. He received the Sahitya Akademi Award for ‘The Guide’ (1958). The missing mail has been taken from the collection Malgudi Days which has stories involving incidents and experiences in the life of the people of the life of fictitonality named Malgudi that remains central to all of Narayan’s works.

Main Characters

1) Thanappa (the Postman)

2) Ramanujam (An ordinary man)

3) Ramanujam’s wife

4) Kamakshi (Ramanujam’s daughter)


There was a postman named Thanappa. He was quite nice postman and he was became an important part of the lives of those whom he was delivering letters. When he went for delivering letters he sits for at least half and hour to share the good or bad news. His most friendly and closest man was Ramanujam. He was the man to whom he was watching since he was a child. Ramanujam’s wife was at her father’s house with her daughter Kamakshi. Kamakshi was in the age of marriage, so Ramanujam’s wife always keep telling her husband find an appropriate husband for Kamakshi. As Thanappa was a helpful man so he was helping Ramanujam to find here daughter’s marriage. The boy they found was earning Rs. 200 at that time. Fortunately their family also belongs to this family. Next day Thanappa brought the horoscope of the Makunda family and a ray of hope touched Ramanujam’s feet. Thanappa had to deliver 100 of letters but he came first to Ramanujam because he was the Delhi Postmark. Ramanujam’s wife was of backwards thought so she didn’t allow Ramanujam to take Kamakshi with him. But Thanappa resolved the situation. A fortunate date was founded for the marriage. On the day of her marriage one of the letters came that Kamakshi’s grandfather had died. As Thanappa had read that letter but he didn’t tell Ramanujam because he knew that after this, Kamakshi’s marriage will be spoiled. After the marriage Thanappa told the bad news to Ramanujam and he was sorry for that.

My Opinion:

I think that this book is really a fantastic and good book that gives us a moral that we should be, be like Thanappa and have a nature to help others.

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