Monday, December 14, 2009

The Death Comes As The End by Agatha Christie, reviewed by P.Vishruti

The Death Comes As The End by Agatha Christie

Reviewed by
Name: P.Vishruti
School: Dlf Public School, Ghaziabad

An exciting thriller and a historic novel at the same time. The setting is ancient Egypt, the description of the environment
And the character is based on actual archeological data. Even the idea of the plot came to the writer when she learnt about some 3000 years old letters that were found in an Egyptian tomb.
Like in all Agatha Christie’s best novels, the suspects of the crime are a very limited number of people. They are all the members of Imhotep''s family, their servants and their close friends.
After his wife’s death Imhotep comes home with a new lover. As practically always in similar cases, Imhotep''s children hate the young woman. The Egyptian mentality even makes them think that she is in possession of evil magical power.
But then she becomes the first victim of a mysterious killer. The beautiful Nofret goes to rest in the world of Osiris, the world of the dead.
Later several other members of the family follow her, and the surviving people are getting more and more suspicious. They suspect each other; the atmosphere is getting more and more unsupportable.
Naturally at the end of the novel the mystery is solved in an unexpected way. The readers can feel that enjoying the thriller they had the rare opportunity to be witnesses of scenes of life in Ancient Egypt by the banks of the Nile, the river always present on the pages of this novel

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