Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cindrella, reviewed by Reeya Nayyar


Reviewed by
Reeya Nayyar
Summer Fields School

My favourite book is ‘Cindrella”

Once upon a time there was a woman who had three daughters. She loved only two daughters very much, and disliked her daughter Cindrella. She only took her two daughters to the market and bought them new clothes and things to eat but Cindrella had to stay at home for cooking, cleaning the house. She was very sad.

One day there was a big ball and the Prince was coming. Cindrella’s mother bought beautiful dresses and shoes for her two daughters and took them, but poor Cindrella was kept in the house. She was crying very badly, suddenly a fairy came and told her to get ready. She gave Cindrella a beautiful dress and a hair of glass Sandals to wear the fairy told Cindrella that she could go to the ball but as soon as the clock strikes 12 midnight, she must return home.

The music started to play and the Prince asked Cindrella to dance, she was afraid but she danced. The clock struck 12 and she ran. While running one of her slippers fell off. The Prince wanted to know who’s slipper it was the Prince said whosever’s slipper it is I will marry her. Every one tried but it did not fit any one. Cindrella’s mother ran home and brought back Cindrella, she put her foot in the slipper and it fitted her. So the Prince married her and they lived together happily.

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