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Black Beauty by Anna Swell, reviewed by Nikita Bisht

Black Beauty by Anna Swell

Reviewed by
Name: Nikita Bisht
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

About the Author

Amna Sewell was born on 30 March, 1820 in Great Yarmouth, Country Norfolk, England. Her parents were Mary Wright Sewell (1797-1884) and Issa Sewell (1793-1878) and she had a younger bother, Phillip, born in 1822. She was born in a house on church plain which is now a restaurant. She wrote Black Beauty at a house on spixworth wrote in Old Cotton and it was published by Jerrold’s in 1877.

Characters and their Role

1. Black Beauty-The narrator of a story, a handsome black horse.
2. Duchess-Beauty’s mother
3. Rob Roy-Fellow black horse
4. Hotspur-A 5 year old horse bought to replace captain
5. Captain-Former army horse
6. Farmer Grey-Beauty’s first owner.
7. John Manly-A coachman
8. James Howard-John’s stable boy

Book Review

Black beauty is a beautiful story of a black horse. The author tell the story through the horses eyes. It is a story about the life of a horse as it goes on being transferred from one owner to another. Black Beauty meets other hoses and comes to know their story. Black Beauty sometimes fall in the hands of cruel masters and good masters whom the horse longed for. Everyone should read this story to know about the cruelty that was done and is being done by the people of our society. It instigates the rebel against this heartless society who makes money with the help of animals that never cares for them truly.

My Opinion about the book

I liked Black Beauty because of his colour and patience. The book is very exciting and has suspense. It is very realistic and interesting. It teach us many new words and got many ideas of real life. I suggest all to read the book and enjoy the story.

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