Monday, December 14, 2009

The Parrot Who Wouldn't Talk And Other Stories by Ruskin Bond, reviewed by Neel Mathur

The Parrot Who Wouldn't Talk And Other Stories by Ruskin Bond

Reviewed by
Name: Neel Mathur (9 years)
School: Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School

This weekend I enjoyed reading “The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk and Other Stories”. It is written by Ruskin Bond, a talented children’s book author. The book is about his childhood days in the hill station of Mussorie. His description of family members, like his grandfather, aunt and uncle is true to life. I especially liked the story “Grandfather’s Many Faces”. It is about how his lovable grandfather disguises himself and fools his own family members!

Ruskin Bond uses simple words so that children can understand his point of view. His stories are short, simple and of course humorous. They give us a good idea about how relaxing life in hill stations can be! Ruskin Bond’s writing style is so descriptive that the reader feels he has been transported to Mussorie. He seems to be very affectionate towards animals. Almost every story has a mention of a bird or an animal.

I would certainly recommend this book to all my friends. It makes for light reading and most children can relate to the characters in it. Full marks to Kavita Arvind for her marvelous illustrations!

I hope Ruskin Bond writes many more such stories. In fact after reading his stories, I am not surprised that he has won so many awards including the Padma Shri!

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