Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Maths book, reviewed by Gunvan

Maths book

Reviewed by
Summer Fields School

I have a lot of school books and story book. At first they were burden to me. I did not get any interest for the school books as well as story books but now-a-days I have a keen interest for all books. This is because of my aunt she creates a keen interest and grow my reading habits by her easy tactics.

Maths is my favourite book. I want to do a lot of problems and work out ten. At first I had a fear in mind for maths and I was always afraid of maths. But to day it is an interesting subject for me and I treat the subject as a game. Beside this my aunt has created a lot of interest in Literature and story book.

Firstly I did not have reading because of lack of interest. Now-a-day, my aunt explain history of India and world by very easy method and explain me different types of stories and their morale. Now I have some keen interest for all these subjects. Also I do not have any far for seeing a book or reading a book. The book give me a lot know many things not only in India but also about world. Now it gives me pleasure and it grows my knowledge.

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