Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grimms Fairy Tales, reviewed by Ishita Gaur

Grimms Fairy Tales

Reviewed by
Ishita Gaur
Summer Fields School

My favourite story book is Grimms Fairy Tales. I have read this book many times. With my grandma, I and my younger brother usually sit in the evening or in the long afternoons of summer vocations with our grandma. She narrated so many stories to us such as The Golden Bird, Snow Doop, Ms. Fox, The Turnip, Cat skin, The Frog Prince, The Goose Girl and The Elves and the shoemaker etc.

These all stories are interesting. That when I started reading these stories, I never stopped in between. I always finish the story first. Every story give us courage to do something. I must be brave in every condition, whether it is favourable or not. We should always try to do our best. We must obey our elders and help those who are weak.

Even I have not read the whole book. I want to read it whole on my own. I promise to complete it in my next summer holidays. I love to read book.

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