Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My First Picture Dictionary, reviewed by Isha Suri

My First Picture Dictionary

Reviewed by
Isha Suri
School: Summer Fields School

Books are my best friends. No other friend can be like this. They never bore me, nor are they tired me. I am never alone because of them. I have loads of story books like Beauty and the beast, Toy Story, Little Red – Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, Barbie Story Book Collection, Fairy Friends, The Magic Hats, etc. but my favourite book is My First Picture Dictionary. My mother bought this book for me when I was in Nursery class. It has the meaning of every word with colourful pictures and sentence. I secure excellent grades in tests because of this book. It has improved my knowledge and vocabulary very much. My word-power is increasing day by day because of reading this book. Whenever I want to know the meaning of any word, this book is ready to help me. It never says ‘NO’ to me. It is the great source of knowledge. And knowledge is power. I feel powerful and happy only because of this book. It helps me to spend my leisure time so meaningfully. I never feel bored, sad or lonely in its company. I am lucky to have this picture dictionary. This book and I make a good company.

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