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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, reviewed by Seema

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Reviewed by
Name: Seema
School: Gyan Mandir Public School


1. About the Author

Charles Dickens (1812-1870) is the best known English writer of the nineteenth century. He worked as a clerk and, later on, as a reporter in London. In his novels, he showed the cruelty and injustice number under which they passed their lives. “Oliver Twist” is one of the best known of Dicken’s novel. In this book he writes about the hard life of an orphan boy first in a poor house and then among thieves in London. His book opened the eyes of people to the evil conditions in England, and it led to many social reforms.

2. Characters and its Roles

Oliver Twist -A young boy who was poor little orphan.
Mr. Bumble -A cruel man
Mr. Sourrberry -An employer came to the power house.
Charlotte Sourrberry -A very dirty, untidy girl
Mr. Naoh Claypole -Poor house.

3. Book Review

The life of young Oliver Twist had a sad beginning. Its continued to be sad for many years. Oliver was born in a poor house one winter night in the years 1837. His mother died that very same night. “A pity”, said the Doctor. “She was so young, and its beautiful.” He turned to the old woman who had helped him and asked her, “who was she?” “Nobody knows. They found her in the street and brought her here.”

The doctor looked at the woman’s shore which were worn out.” She has come a longway,” he said. Then he lifted up the dad left hand and said, “No wedding ring … Ah, well! … “He hurried away.

The poor little orphan was given the name of “Oliver Twist”. They kept him in the poor house with a number of other boys. All were badly treated, because the master of the poorhouse, Mr. Bumble by name, was a cruel man.

At the age of mine, Oliver was a pale, thin boy. All the boys were pale and t hin. They had to work hard and they never had enough to eat. They had to work hard and they never had enough to eat. They were always hungry. It was true that they had thee meals a days. But each meal consisted only of a bowl of watery soup. Twice a week, they were given an onion. On Sundays, they had half a cake each.

What would the poor orphans do? They fought. They talked. Then they made up their minds. One of them must go up to the master, when he was serving the soup, and ask for more. They were all afraid of Mr. Bumble. All of them had been beaten by him. They knew his heavy hand and his heavier stick. There was more talk. It was decided that Oliver should ask for more at super that evening. Super time came.

The soup was soon gone. The boys licked their bowls and their fingers. They were still hungry. They cooked at one another. Then they looked at Oliver. They began to whisper. Oliver walked slowly towards the master, bowl in hand. Then he said, in a small frightened voice, “Please, Sir, I want some more.” The master, a fert, healthy man, turned suddenly pale. “What I” he roared. “Please, Sir, I want some more,” Oliver said again, trembling like a leaf.

Mr. Bumble hit Oliver on the head with his spoon. He seize the boy and shouted for help. They help poor Oliver while Mr. Bumble beat him till his arm a ched.

Oliver was locked in a dark room. The next morning, this notice appeared on the gate of the poor-house. “A reward of five pounds is offered to anyone who will employ Oliver twist, an orphan, nine years of age.

In my Opinion

In my opinion I like this story which is about the life of Oliver Twist and I suggest you all to read this interesting story because it is a lovely and peaceful story that which I like it in this story.

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