Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne, reviewed by Sakshi Shewale

The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne

Reviewed by
Name: Sakshi Shewale
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

About the Author

Robert Michael Ballantyne was born in 1825. His birthplace was Edinburgh. He was James Ballantyne’s nephew. James Ballantyne had gained fame as the one who had printed the works of Sir Walter Scott.

For eight years (1841-1848), Robert found employment at the position of a clerk in the Hudson’s Bay Fur company in Canada. Later on he spent the next even years serving. His literary career started in 1855. The Coral Island was published in 1857.

RM Ballantyne breathed his last in Rome in 1894.

About the Characters

Peterkin Funny, Youngest

Jack Eldest, Daring

Ralph First person


My Grandfather recommended this book tome. He read it when he was a boy and said that I should give it a go. It tells the story of 3 boys who get shipwrecked on the Coral Island of the South Seas. They have to learn to survive and overcome many dangers such as pirates and cannibals and violent storms.

The island seems like it is a paradise, and in many ways it is, however … dangers like ahead. The island is visited by bloodthirsty cannibals; a war party chasing their victims. The boys cannot watch the women and children be slaughtered.

Even when their island seems safely deserted, there are still many dangers for them to encounter. Innocent boating fun turns deadly when the dreaded dorsal fin of a predatory shark is seen flashing through the reef!

The Island is, however, still a beautiful place full of tropical foods and enchanting animals. The boys can bathe in their lagoon and bask in the sun. There are even islands to explore with baby penguin colonies to visit. They find the penguins to be very amusing but, unfortunately, their tip back to their own island is not so simple.

The boys survive it al using good sense and clever thinking. Their friendship is strong and nothing can get in the way of it. They look out for each other and they are patient with each other.

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