Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The World In A Wall by Gerald Durrell, reviewed by Poonam Verma

The World In A Wall by Gerald Durrell

Reviewed by
Poonam Verma

School: Gyan Mandir Public School

This book is written by Gerald Durrell. He was the lover of animal and loved animal very much. He hate those person who ignore animal by their behaviour they act. Hence, the writer writes this book for them.

Main Characters

Larry - Writer’s uncle

Lugaretzia - Writer’s sister

Marge - Uncle’s Daughter

Roger - Uncle’s son

Father and mother

My opinion about the book is that this book is really very fascinating, interesting and complementing.

I recommend this book for all book lovers of the world because it was of animal lover and I love animal very much. S, I take this book to read. One day, the writer was playing with his friends. While playing he saw that the something was crawling on the wall. Greatly inspecting noticed that it was female scorpion with it’s children on her back. They were very tiny. He took scorpion and put on his bedroom and went for play again. After calling for Dinner. He first came to his bedroom but he saw that scorpions were not there.

After searching with afraid it would lost again. He put the scorpions in the matchstick and went for lunch. While parent was talking while fooding the writer was thinking about her scorpion After eating his uncle went to burn the cigarettes an he was just opening the matchstick all the scorpions started running. Her sister screamed loudly, because she was get scared about such creature.

His uncle brother and sister running there and here in the house. All the dining table ad been covered by scorpions. Father screamed from where they had come. Mother was not eating food when she come from kitchen she got terrified and jumped over the scorpions. All the house was in a great trouble. He wanted to tell them that they will not harm you.

At last but not the least my mother asked how they had come and whom had taken in with whom help. I sadly took the scorpion one by one on a big spoon and put the scorpion on a place where they I had found it and taken in.

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