Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Three little Pigs, reviewed by Yatin Taneja

The Three little Pigs

Reviewed by
Yatin Taneja
Summer Fields School

My favourite book is ‘The Three little Pigs’. In this book the sentence structure is very simple. In this story, the three little pigs work together to get rid of the wolf.

From the this story, I learnt that if we want to succeed we should be united, where there is a will there is a way. I love illustrations of the book which matches the text. I also learnt that we should be united. When at the last the three little pigs got united and together they got free from the wolf. I also learnt from this story that w should help each other.

This story also tells us that we should not be selfish and we should not laugh at others. The 2 younger pigs laughed at the elder pig when he said he wanted to the build a house of bricks. But at the end, the elder pig’s house which was strong helped them to get rid of the wolf. I really love his book.

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