Monday, December 14, 2009

The Mouse Merchant- Jataka Tales, reviewed by Gayathri Venkatesh

The Mouse Merchant- Jataka Tales

Reviewed by
Name: Gayathri Venkatesh (8 years)
School: Delhi Public School, Indirapuram

The story is part of the Jataka Tales. These tales are based on ancient India. The wisdom of right thinking and right living are preserved in these stories.

"The Mouse Merchant" provides a lesson in patience, perseverance and ingenuity, where a poor young man makes his fortune with a dead rat.

The story begins with the author narrating how a young man in the city of Varanasi looking for a job overhears words of wisdom from the Royal Treasurer. The Young man then begins his journey of initiatives.

Step by step, the young man thinks and grows in life. What is truly amazing is how the young man seriously takes the words of the Royal Treasurer. He actually picks up a dead rat in the street and wonders
how this can become capital for his business. Then a person with his
cat walks by and wants to buy the dead rat from on paisa. That is
how the young man’s journey in the business begins. There is no looking back for him. The young man then goes on to become a rich merchant.

Hearing the story of the young man, the Royal Treasurer decides to marry his daughter to him.

The story is very good and teaches us how taking initiatives with smart thinking helps us in life.

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