Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Missing Mail by R.K Narayan, reviewed by Naman Mittal

The Missing Mail by R.K Narayan

Reviewed by
Name: Naman Mittal
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

1. About the Author

Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Narayan best known for such works as ‘Malgudi Days’ and ‘The Guide’ was a prolific writer in English. Born on October 10, 1906, Narayan produced stories and novels of exquisite craftsmanship. His delineation of the locales, lifes and characters is so remarkable and graphic that they come alive. Narayan’s generous use of wit and humour guess his works a typical Indian flavour. His style is simple, direct and natural.

2. Characters
1. Ramanujam A senior clerk in the Revenue Division Office
2. Ramanujam’s wife Housewife
3. The Nappa Postman
4. Kamakshi Ramanujam daughters

3. Book Review

Being the beat postman of Vinayak Mudali street and its four parallel streets, Thanappa is a part and parcel of lives of people living there. For generation now he has been bringing them news of joys and sorrows in the letter, telegrams and money orders.

Everybody on the beat likes his friendly nature and lively conversation. He gives valuable piece of advice to many people on the beat and get a lot of love and respect and eatables from them.

Of all his contacts, he is most intimately related to Ramanujam of 10, Vinayak Mudali’s street, an address to which he has been bringing mail for more than seventeen years ever since Kamakshi Ramanujam’s daughter, was born.

The girl has already attained marriageable age and her material grandfather, who has set aside five thousand rupees for her marriage is after his son-in-law, Ramanujam, to marry off the girl at the earliest. He even goes to the extent of saying that Ramanujam is not doing enough to get his daughter married. This of course is not true. Ramanujam has exhausted all possibilities and explored all avenues for a suitable son-in-law but unfortunately has drawn a blank everywhere. Sometimes the girl’s appearance is not approved sometimes the boy’s family demands too much dowry and on yet other occasions, the horoscopes do not match. It is here that Thanappa comes to Ramanujam’s rescue. He suggested a very good match for Kamakshi. The boy is working in Delhi and earning two hundred rupees. On Thanappa’s insistence and coaxing, Ramanujam spring into action and takes his daughter to Madras for the boy’s family to see her. Luckily for Ramanujam, things takes a favourable turn and the marriage is fixed.

Here a problem arises which keeps bothering Ramanujam and his wife. If for some reason or other the marriage cannot be solemnized on the appointed day, the boy would not be able to marry for the next three years for he was going out for some training.

4. Opinion

My opinion about the book is this book is no interesting. I like this became her main character Thanappa do very well. I like Thanappa character because he like Ramanujam daughter this behaviour also very good. That is way he don’t want disturbance can be created in marriage I recommend other also to read this book and enjoy it.

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