Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ramayana by Tulsi Das, reviewed by Chandni Singh

Ramayana by Tulsi Das

Reviewed by
Name: Chandni Singh
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

i) About the Author

Tulsi Das was the famous story writer. He wrote many books and novels. He belong to a poor family but with his hard work he earned name and fame. He was very kindhearted. He belonged to simple living and high thinking. He provided a key to all problems in life. He was the truthful person.

ii) Characters
Characters Roles they are playing
Dhasratha King of Ayodhaya
Koshalia Wife of Dhasratha
Sumitra Wife of Dhasratha
Kekai Wife of Dhasratha
Ram Son of Dhasratha and Koshalya
Bharat Son of Dhasratha and Kekai
Lakshman Son of Dhasrath and Sumitra
Shatrughan Son of Dhasratha and Kekai
Hanuman Bhakt of Ram
Sugrev Friend of Ram
Aangad Friend of Ram
Sita Wife of Ram
Ravana King of Lanka
Kumbkaran Brother of Ravan
Megnath Son of Ravana

iii) Book Review

In Ramayana, the King Dhasratha and his three wife were lived in Ayodhaya. After some years Dhasratha have four sons – Ram, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughan. Ram was the bigger than all brothers. After some years, when they grown up, the third queen – Kekai was takes her two wishes. First, Ram will go to the Vanvash for 14 years and seconds was Bharat will become the King of Ayodhaya. The Dhasratha was against the Kekai but Ram will go to the Vanvash for 14 years with his wife – Sita and his brother – Lakshman. Then they went to the forest. After many years. Ravana took Sita to Lanka. Then Ram and Lakshman search the Sita but they met to the Hanuman and Sugreev. And the Hanuman will give the information about the Sita to Ram. Then the king Sugreev ready his army and they reached near the Yamunatat. Then they made the bridge by stone by written Ram’s name. Then they reached the Lakha. Then Angad will go to Ravana and give warning to him but Ravana did not listen. Then the fight was started and some days Ravana and his army will died and Ram was won and take his wife Sita to Ayodhya because his 14 years were over.

In my opinion:

This book guide our life. It give right advice to him. It is a sacred book of the Hindus. It tells us about the victory of goodness over evil. This book teaches us that we should obey our parents like Ram. Women should try to follow the example of Sita. And at last, I said that the Ramayana is really a lovely and interesting book.

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