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As You Like It By Shakespeare, reviewed by Mira Dhandra

As You Like It By Shakespeare

Reviewed by
Mira Dhandra
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

About the Author:

Shakespeare has a great significance in literature. He is known for his fictions and dramas. He was born in 1564 t Stratford – upon – Avon. His full name was William Shakespeare. He was married to Anne Hathaway in 1582 who was eight years senor to him. In 1583 he gave birth to a girl named Sussana and the twins Hamnet and Judith were born in 1585. As he was known for his stories he wrote Romeo and Juliet in 1594-95, Midsummer Night’s dream in 1595, Richard-II in 1595-96 and many more. Now about Shakespeare’s plays he did The Comedy of Error, Henry VI Part-I, II, III, Pericles, Timon of Athens and many more. After a long journey of literature ad fame he died on 23 April in 1616.

Main Characters:




Rosalind is a charming female character. She is bright, witty and able to talk with every one. She is at her most wooing games. She plays with Orlando. She faints for instances although she used her imagination to solve the problem created by her Ganymede identify.


Brave strong and handsome. He seems a worthy lover for any young woman. He is generous and of kind nature.


Celia is Rosalind’s dearest friend and the two girls are as close as sisters. Celia’s great quality is loyalty to her friend. Her warm and generous nature makes her appealing.


At the beginning of the play, Oliver is a villain. Not only he treat his brother with contempt, but also wants to kill him. He is jealous of Orlando’s good nature and popularity. But after his rescue by Orlando, his good qualities emerge.


Jaques is one of the old duke’s followers. He is a melancholy person who is always thinking and talking about the meaning of life. In the play, his main purpose is to comment on the actions of the other character.


He is a court jester. He earns his living by playing the fool ad amusing people. He brings’ people down to earth with his clever comments. He marriages Audery, a country girl whom he loves.


Audery is an ordinary country girl who looks after goat. She is not very clever but she has a honest, simple nature, which is why Touchstone likes her. She is not a make believe country person but a real one.

Book Review

In days gone by, France was divided into provinces was ruled by a usurper, Frederick, who had rebelled against his elder brother, the lawful duke, and banished him. The banished duke, along with a few faithful followers, then lived in the forest of Arden. His only daughter had been allowed to stay on at court by Frederick is a companion for his own daughter, Celia. Beside the difference between their father, their friendship was firm. One day they both went to see a wrestling match. It was a contest between two opposites. On one side was a large and powerful man who had slain many and on other side there was a young man. The duke who had also to see the match wanted the ladies to dissuade the young man from contesting. Rosalind earnestly requested him to withdraw but he became all the more determined to distinguish himself by his courage in lovely lady’s eyes. He fought the war and conquered his opponent. Duke was impressed and when he asked his name he replied he was Orlando, son of Sir Rowland de Bois who was an close association of him and he left the place in very ill humour. After listening to all that Rosalind was delighted and he presented a chain from his neck. Later, Celia teased her about being in love with Orlando. In between Duke Frederick came and told Rosalind to leave the palace instantly. Celia pleaded in vain for her. As they were so close to each other Celia too left the place and accompany her. Before leaving Rosalind met his father in forest, Arden so they disguised as brother sister Celia as Aliena as a country loss and Rosalind as a brother, Ganymede in between. Touchstone also accompanied them. Meanwhile Adam, an old servant of Orlando’s father, rushed to him and told him to flee. He had overheard that Oliver wanted to burn his bedchamber, while he slept. liver was jealous of him and arranged the wrestling match to get rid of him. Orlando and servant rushed to Arend and the duke offered a helpful hand. There they met Ganymede and Aliena. They had many meeting several days. Ganymede enjoyed the secret jest, knowing that the love-speeches were being addressed to the right person. While this mock-courtship was taking place, Touchstone fell in love with Audrey, a simple country girl who tended goats. One day, while wooing Ganymede as Rosalind, Orlando suddenly remembered that he had an appointment. He hurried away, promising to come soon. In the meantime Rosalind waited for him. While on the way back Orlando saw a man lying asleep on the ground. A large green snake twisted around the neck and a lioness was crouching nearby, waiting for the man to wake-up. At close quarter Orlando saw that the man was his own brother Oliver. He saved his life and also get hurt when the lioness tore one of his arm with her sharp claws. After all that Oliver who was an enemy of his own brother had a complete change of heart. Ganymede hearing of the danger Orlando had been in, and seeing his blood-stained handkerchief fainted. But she quickly recovered. The sincere sorrow that Oliver expressed left its marks on a liena, who instantly fell in love with him. Oliver told about his love to Oliver and he too told to Ganymede and wished he could also marry Rosalind on the same day. Ganymede told he had magical powers and he could do so. Rosalind told the story to the duke he agree to this and the two ladies dressed up in a beautiful manner and two couples got married and the whole misunderstanding was solved.

My Opinion:

This play has given us a massage that nothing is impossible in this world that the two brothers were so different and hated in every aspect but a helping hand from one side made complete change of heart and at last they got their true love. I recommend others also to read this book and enjoy it with their feelings.

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