Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Moon Scroll by Tony Abbott, reviewed by Anurag

The Moon Scroll by Tony Abbott

Reviewed by
Name: Anurag
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

i) About the Author

Tony Abbott is the author of more than three dozen funny novels for young readers, including the popular Danger Guys books and The Weird Zone series. Since childhood he has been drawn to stories that challenge the imagination, and, like Eric, Julie, and Neal, he often dreamed of finding doors that open to other worlds. Now that he is older – though not quite as old as Galen Long beard – he believes he may have found some of those doors. They are called books. Tony Abbott was born in Ohio and now lives with his wife and two daughters in Connecticut.

ii) Characters
Characters Roles they are playing
1) Eric
2) Julie Three young friends
3) Neal
4) Galen Wizards
5) Sparr
6) Kleah Princess
7) Zelo King
8) Relno Queen
9) Bodo Guardians
10) Vasa

iii) Book Review

In this story there was a little child whose name was Eric Hinkle. He was one of wizards, namely Galen, Eric and Sparr. Eric had got some magical powers like he can shot anything from his finger and can talk his friends from anywhere. He had his two friends, Neal and Julie. He had gone to ‘Droon’ earlier. ‘Droon’ is a magical world. But he they can gone to Droon only if Keeah wold call them. So one they all three friends gather and receive message. So they go to Droon where all Ninns were attacking on them. They then go to king Zello and ask for solution. King send them to find the Moon Sroll which contains many secretes of Droon and went himself to get in battle. The all friends go to a spider and spider shows them a recording of two guardians of city. To defeat Sparrs they need the powerful ward of Urik, that’s had been hidden for years. In end they finally got the scroll ad kill the Sparr.

iv) My Opinion

In my opinion it is a wonderful book as it is exciting and has a suspense. Page by page it goes on thrilling. It is magical and a fictionous story. So I suggest every one to read this book.

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