Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Treasure Island by R. L. Stevenson, reviewed by Nikita Bhateja

Treasure Island by R. L. Stevenson

Reviewed by
Name: Nikita Bhateja
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

About the Author

Treasure Island is written and narrated by Jim Hawkins, the son the owners of the inn, the Admiral Benbow. Treasure Island is a classic adventure story, featuring the narrator. Jin Hawkins, who is transported to a treacherous world of pirates and buried treasure.


Mr. Arrow
Mr. Arr\ow is the first mate on the Hispaniola but not a good one. His weakness is alcohol. He tries to befriend the pirates not so much because he likes them but because he does not know how to separate himself from them an therefore to regulate them. One day, while upon the open seas, he disappears. It is not known f he is thrown overboard or if he fails overboard in a drunken stupor.

Black Dog
Black Dog, whose distinguishing mark is two missing fingers on his left hand, is the first pirate to find Billy Bones. Black Dog fights with Bones and is injured but manages to run away. He is later seen with the blind man Pew who wants to find the treasure map.

Treasure Island is narrated by Jim Hawkins, the son of the owners of the inn, the admiral Benlow. The story begins sometime in the eighteenth century on a remote stretch of the English coast. In the first pages, Billy Bones, a mysterious and ragged old seaman, appears at the doorstep of the inn, dragging a large sea chest. Bones decides to stay at the inn and asks Hawkins to warn him if he ever sees a one-legged man.

One day, while visiting Hawkins’ father whose health has deteriorated, Dr. Livesey, local doctor and magistrate, inadvertently disregards Bones’ demand for silence in the inn. Despite Bones’ Phyical threats, Dr. Livesey calmly stands up to the old seafarer and even threatens to put him out of town if he hears of any more disturbances.

Bones dies by the end of this section; Hawkins discovers the map of buried treasure. After the death of Billy Bones, the action shifts to Bristol, where Squire Trealawney is outfitting the brig Hispaniola and hiring a crew to search the Treasure Map.

My Personal Opinion about Book

According to me, this book is full of adventure. This book also contains mystery. It sounds very interesting to read this books as it generates curiosity among the children. It shows that if we put our hard efforts to achieve something, we will surely achieve it as the ordinary boy Jim Hawkins had put efforts and at last found the treasure map. This book is really interesting. I suggest all to read this book and enjoy.


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