Monday, December 14, 2009

The Lost Ant by Kamal Kant Koner, reviewed by Pulkit Khurana

The Lost Ant by Kamal Kant Koner

Reviewed by
Name: Pulkit Khurana (12 years)
School: Fr.Agnel School, Gautam Nagar, New Delhi.

The author has written this story so that children should obey their parents. It is a friction work and there is also a probability that author must have faced such a situation like this in his life and we should learn a lesson after reading this story.

There was a little ant called Antie. She lives with her family in a pit at the hill-top. One early morning Antie’s mother, Busy, was going to the market for some work. She warned Antie to not to step out of the house until she returns from the market. But Antie could not resist for long. She peeped out of her pit. Slowly, she stepped out. Wandering here and there, she was eager to see this new world. She was very happy. Then Antie paused for a while and thinking about that how will she return home now because she was very far away from the hill and she did not know her way back home! But she must return home before sunset. Mother would be waiting for her and would get angry!

Disturbed, Antie sat on a stone and started crying. She requested Caterpillar, Shelly, Snail, Mosquito, Butterfly, Lady-bird but all were not in a position to help due to one reason or the other and finally Antie mounted on the bee after her request and it buzzed as it flew over trees and across meadows. She thought it was a great fun to have wings and finally they
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landed on the hill-top! Mother Busy was waiting anxiously. She was very happy to see Antie and both thanked Bee. Antie had to tell her mother about the adventure she had and about the lesson she had learned with this incident – “TO OBEY WHAT PARENTS SAY”!

It is a nice and interesting story which tells about the animals that helped Antie to reach her home safely & happily. It is worth reading story. I learned that parents tell us right valuable things and we should obey them completely.

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  1. The lesson is an important part of the story. The other aspect is children come across other insects as well. They come to know about their nature, e.g. the mosquito is nocturnal in habit; the snail had slow movement...