Monday, December 14, 2009

Bhima's Strength, reviewed by Tanvi Jain

Bhima's Strength

Reviewed by
Name: Tanvi Jain (8 years)
School: Venkateshwar International School

Bhima was strong and fat animal in the jungle. Every other animals was afraid of Bhima. one day Bhima sown sugarcane nodes in his field. He irrigated his field regulary . But found one day that his sugarcane had dried up . He tried irrrigating them but no affect. Then he realised that it was due to the sugarcane were cut near their roots. So, he decided to catch the culprit. Bhima hided behind a large tree and started guiding the place. It was midnight that he heard someone that he heard someone biting his sugarcane. He cried loudly and said that who was eating my sugarcane. There were came a thin voice what you could do apart from that. Bhima was startled to see this little figure.

The thin voice was of Chinnu Mouse who was laughing loudly after eating the sugarcane. Bhima came to know the culprit of his dried sugarcane. He was very angry and ran to catch Chinnu. He could not match Chinnu's speed. Finally, tired and exhausted, Bhima returned to his field. Chinnu was very clever and smart and made fun of Bhima. Bhima became red with anger. He, again ran behind Chinnu with all energy. By the time Bhima turned to follow the mouse, Chinnu ran into the sugarcane field. The entire forest was afraid of Bhima's name, but now, a small mouse was provoking him and Bhima could not catch him.

Chinnu was enjoying this game. the dense sugarcane field and dark moonless night was making it difficult for Bhima to catch Chinnu. Most of the sugarcane were destroyed by Bhiam himself due to funning. Then Bhima realised that the field belonged to Cheeku Rabbit and he used to grow red carrots. He had captured the field by hook or crook. Afraid of Bhima's size, no one helped Cheeku. Poor Chinnu house was also destroyed by Bhima. Small animals could fight for their justice. Therefore they decided to teach a lesson to Bima. Chinnu said to Bhima that he had been troubling all the other animals because he was proud of his strength. Chinnu wanted to tell Bhima that he was not the strongest in the jungle. Even others can trouble him in similar manner. Bhima realised his mistake and apologized to the animals. Then there came a voice "Keep half of the produce of the field." Chinnu also said that he had done this mischief purposely. Bhima promised to be a protector of the entire forest. Bhima had become their friend now and all animal lived happily.

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