Monday, December 14, 2009

The Merry Mischeif Of Gopal Bhand by Devika Rangachari, reviewed by Ekta Nanda

The Merry Mischeif Of Gopal Bhand by Devika Rangachari

Reviewed by
Name: Ekta Nanda (12 years)
School: Father Agnel School, New Delhi

No one knew how Gopal Bhand , the son of a barber became Maharaja Krishna Chandras jester.He was clearly the favourite at the court. He delighted and infuriated the king by turns , but in the end the cleaver humour of this plump benign jester carried the day, often to the jealous disgust of the kings less favoured coutiers.But Gopal Bhand was no fool. His merry mischief was driven by a sharp intellegence and a deep understanding of human foibles.
One of his mischief story is-
Gopal worked at the court of Krishnanagar. He had a wife named Ruma.Ruma used to become angry very fast but Gopal was the opposite.
One day Ruma was angry with Gopal and started shouting that the condition of their house is very bad. She said to Gopal that she want a new bigger house. She said that there is no use of Gopal being the kings jester and favourite if he connot get her a new house.Gopal did not need to think much, idea slipped in his mind. He suddenly got an idea.
The king had invited all his courtiers at lunch.Gopal went at the place of lunch an hour before. He made a big high flatform and sat there. When the lunch time came the king and the courtiers went to the lunch hall.They saw Gopal sitting on the platform. The king shouted, and said "Gopal come down". "How can you sit at a place higher than my place?" Gopal replied "your majesty" this hall is a very comfortable place.Since I won't be able to build a new house I will stay here as it is a very comfortable place. The king was shocked, but then he understood what Gopal meant by making the platform.
The king gave some money to Gopal to build a new comfortable house for him and his wife.

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