Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Panch Tantra by Vishnu Dutt Sharma, reviewed by Pranav Kathuria

Panch Tantra” written by Vishnu Dutt Sharma

Reviewed by
Pranav Kathuria
Summer Fields School

I am very fond of reading books. They are my true friends. They stand me in joys and sorrows. I have read many books. But “Panch Tantra” written by Vishnu Dutt Sharma is my favourite book. The book is written in five parts. Every part contains interesting stories about the animal world. Every story teaches us a lesson. It gives us worldly wisdom. It is surprising to read how different animals behave differently like a man. They think, plan and act like a man. Their conduct makes us wise.

We do not learn things direct. We learn a lot through these stories. The book is an ocean of knowledge. Every one must read this book.

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