Monday, December 14, 2009

Black Beauty by Anna Swell, reviewed by Sarthak Tanwar

Black Beauty by Anna Swell

Reviewed by
Name: Sarthak Tanwar
School: G.M.P.S.

1. About the Author

Black Beauty was written by Anna Swell. She has born in 1820 in England. Her mother was the writer of many children’s books. As a child, Anna once fell and injured her ankle. She was disable for the rest of her life. Since she couldn’t walk, she learnt to drive a horse-drawn carriage and regularly drove her father to work. She became aware of the cruel way in which many horses were treated. During the last years of her life, Anna was confined to her horses as an invalid. She wrote a book titled ‘Black Beauty: the Autobiography of a Horse’.

2. Characters

a. New Master One day I was discussed between him and his wife as to what I should be called two names, Ebony and Blackbird, were suggested. Then I was wife thought of Black Beauty and Squire Gordon.

b. Black Beauty Thus I was given a new name Squire Gordon had two other horses – Ginger and Merrylegs. At first didn’t like me. She was a beautiful brown mare but she used to bite and kick. The next day, when ginger was but, Merrylegs said:

3. A Book Review
Then came a sad day. Our mistress was taken seriously ill and had to go away to God’s home. Our happy days with her and our kind master were over. Ginger and I were sent to live with a friend of our master. It was a very sad moment for us when we were handed over to our new coachman. Our Master came round to pat and speak to us for the last time. His voice sounded very sad. I held my face close to him – that was all I could do to say good bye – and then he was gone. I have never seen him since.

4. My opinion about the book

The book is very good and adventures. Anna Sewell is the excellent writer. I have my own life his story is very like it and very adventures.

I suggest all to read this book and enjoy.

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