Monday, December 14, 2009

The Canary Caper ( A To Z Mysteries) by Ron Roy, reviewed by Gitanjali Tyagi

The Canary Caper ( A To Z Mysteries) by Ron Roy

Reviewed by
Name: Gitanjali Tyagi (10 years)
School: D.P.S. Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, U.P.

In this book four pets are stolen which leads to a bigger crime. Dink,Josh and Ruth Rose had a sleep over at Dink's backyard. The next morning Ruth Rose found out, her cat was missing. They also heard that Mrs. Davidson's canary was missing. When the kids report this to the police officer, he tells them that two other pets are also missing. The kids along with their friend, officer Fallon help find the missing pets. While looking for the pets, they found out, there was a bigger crime behind the pet caper.

In the end the thief is caught. I like the book because of the kids, they are smart, intelligent and active, thus helping solve the mystery. The illustrations are good and help us picture the story and its characters.
The book ia an interesting one because a first you think the story is about missing pets, but it really was about a bigger crime.

If you want to know who did it? You should read "The Canary Caper".
I recommend this book to people who like to challenge themselves to solve mysteries, to those who believe in teamwork or simply those people who love pets.

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