Monday, December 14, 2009

The Diary Of Anne Frank, reviewed by Jigyasa Nigam

The Diary Of Anne Frank

Reviewed by
Name: Jigyasa Nigam (12 years)
School: Father Agnel School, Gautam Nagar

The book is based on pages of a diary of a young girl written during the period of 1942 to 1944. Anne wrote this diary in a secret annex and would have never imagined the impact of her words would have on generation of readers and remains a primary account of Holocaust and testament of millions. The diary opens on June 12, 1942 when Frank and her family went into hiding to escape the persecution of Nazis and Frank decided that the diary she received on her thirteenth birthday will be a perfect friend and confidant to share her secrets. Anne has no close friend with whom she would completely open so she named her Diary as `Kitty’. Although Frank diary contains mundane notes of her day to day survival but it provides altogether human portrait of the Jewish suffering during the Holocaust.

On the pages of her diary, Anne explores love and questions the meaning of life in a way that is quite typical of a young teen, yet quite extraordinary under the circumstances under which she lives. Her portrayal provides a stark glimpse into her extraordinary ordeal. She captivates the reader with an innocence that contrasts the stark reality of her situation. On July 15, 1944 Anne wrote “I feel the suffering of millions”.

The story remained unfinished and it was only later that entire picture was completed when it was found that Anne, her sister Magot and her mother died after going through a suffering in the concentration camp. The diary ends abruptly on August 1, 1944 after the Secret Annex was invaded. There is no sign-off and no explanation, although it is known from historical records that the family was betrayed and captured by the Nazis. The pages of Frank diary was left scattered on the floor which were discovered by Miep Gies who kept it safe and returned the same to Frank’s Father the only survivor left. Anne’s Father got this diary published.

In my opinion this is a heart touching script that enables a reader to view the significant historical happening from the point of view of a young girl who seems to be anxious not only by the fact that she is growing young but also because of situation around her when her family was forced to hide in a secret place because of political turbulence. A reader can easily relate to situation of violence, holocaust and happening around the period and its impact of family and especially children. The book is a must read for all children as it provide a glimpses into the world history in a simple manner where reader could feel the situation.

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