Monday, December 14, 2009

A Dreadful Encounter by Peter Max, reviewed by Aarushi Karwa

A Dreadful Encounter by Peter Max

Reviewed by
Name: Aarushi Karwa (12 years)
School: The Srijan School

Once upon a time a boy Philip, orphan boy , he lived alone in a churchyard in a country of England , before he was seven gravestones, under were buried his mother, father and five younger brothers. He was called Pip by the people who cares for him. He had never seen his parents, but came to know his fathers name tombstone and by his sister Mrs. Joe Gargery which had married with blacksmith. The stones was making Pip cry, suddenly to make him worse, out from between the graves hobbled a growling, mean and ragged looking man.”Hold your noise! Otherwise I will cut your throat. The man was all in coasy grey, a great iron on his leg, he does not had a hat, broken shoes, and an old rag with tied round his head. He had soaked in water, and smothered in mud. He had an iron shackle on his leg and two good arms. He was shivered and growled and his teeth chattered. Oh! Sir don’t cut my throat! “Tell us your name! Pip sir” Show us where do you live, said the man. Point out the place! Then he seated the boy on a high tombstone then he ate the bread ravenously. “You young dog”, said the man, licking his lips, “ what fat cheeks you have got. Darn me if I couldn’t eat them. He was nearly going away without the pie, but was tempted to mount upon a shelf, to look what it was put a was so carefully in a covered earthen ware dish in a corner, and he found it was the pie, and he took it, in the hope that it was not intended for early use, and would not be missed for some time. He also stole a file from Joe’s shop, and headed off into the misty marshes.

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