Sunday, December 13, 2009

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, reviewed by Vasudha Surya

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Reviewed by
Name: Vasudha Surya (10 years)
School: Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School, Humayun Road, New Delhi.

"Great Expectations" is about a young boy who is accosted in the graveyard by Abel Magwitch, an escaped convict and forced to help him. He little knows that their lives are destined to cross in future! Pip’s upbringing by his strict sister, the kind and loving Joe, the crazy world of Miss Havisham, the cruel Estella and then a transformed life in London with Herbert Pocket and his "great expectations" are a part of this classic story. Dickens has woven the characters so intricately that each character is incomplete without the other. Pip's fear of Magwitch that forces him to steal in his own house and his fear of getting caught by his sister are real. Ridiculed by Estella for having coarse hands and know manners are things that we understand and realize. In his efforts to become a gentleman he is rude to Joe whom he finds very rustic. We hate Pip, but are compassionate towards Joe. Biddy's caring and understanding nature make us love her. Herbert Pocket's struggle for financial independence and helpful nature is worth praising. Provis' love and affection for Pip and Miss Havisham's eccentricity make the story interesting. Pip's realization of his great expectations brings tears in our eyes. Finally, Estella's changeover to a soft person is also worth appreciating. This book is a must read for everyone.

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