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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets by J.K Rowling, reviewed by Rohan

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets by J.K Rowling

Reviewed by
Name: Rohan
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

Finally the holidays are over and Harry and is friends have to go their school. Before going to the school he was reminded by the gin (magician) that something bad was going to happen at the Hogwarts. He did not want Harry to go to Hogwarts. He said that this had happened before. But Harry refused. After some time Harry’s uncle came to his door and knocked it, Harry closed him in his wardrobe and ten opened the door. He said that some important people were going to come and he wanted him to behave properly with them. He asked him to make the food. Toby came out of the room and he took away he cake from Harry and asked him one last time “Harry will you go to the Hogwarts this year?” Harry replied ‘Yes”. He threw the cake on the guests (Toby). His uncle thought that Harry had done that and Toby had disappeared so they enclosed him in his room and closed the window with a steel enclosing. On that night Harry’s friend Ron came with his two brothers in this magic car and opened the window and asked Harry to come and sit in the car. His uncle came their and saw that he was going to the Hogwarts and holded his legs so that he would not go but he failed and fell outside the house.

They took Harry to their house and when their mother came to know that they had driven the magic car, she scolded them but when she saw “Harry Potter” she felt very lucky that she could meet Harry and happy also. Soon they received a letter from Dumbledore the headmaster of the Hogwarts about this books. They were very expensive. They had to make a spell to go to ‘Choo Mantar Kali’ but Harry pronounce it wrongly and went to a bad place. Hagred took him out of that place. When he was boarding his train, the platform door closed and he missed his train. Harry and Ron went to school though the magic car and he had a fight with the tree that was protecting Hogwarts for hundreds of years. 6 Magroo’s saw them flying the magic car (who can’t do magic). Then teachers scolded them for this act and damaging the tree. He had a riditch match with the other house 9Nagshakti) and someone had done magic on the ball but Harry’s house won the match and his hand was broken. One of the teacher tried to fin it but he spelled the magic incorrectly. There were no bones left in his hand. He was admitted to the hospital. Toby came to him and said “Sir you have made a big mistake by coming to Hogwart this year. I tried everything so that you don’t come to the Hogwarts but I failed.” Harry realized that it was Toby behind all this, the magic on the ball and his missing the train. Toby told him that something bad was going to happen that had happened earlier also. But when he was going to tell him everything he disappeared. LORD VOLDEMORT has retuned. Ron and Harry’s best friend Hermoine became the victim of the snake but she didn’t die because she had seen in his eyes through the magnifying lens. The teachers were scared that Hogwarts is going to be closed. Soon they saw a message written on the wall with blood that “HER SKELTON WILL BE IN THE C HAMBER OF SECRETS FOREVER JINNIE WEASLY (RON’S SISTER). Ron felt sad. The teachers told this one teacher who could fight ties but he was a coward he stole the magics of other magicians and sold them. He went to his room and started packing his bags. Harry and Ron followed him to his room and asked him to go with them but he refused. They took him forcefully to the girls bathroom were upset Meena died. She saw two big eyes and died. Harry saw the taps with thrombus of snakes. Only he inheritor of the great Magesh Nagshakti could open it. Harry know how to speak snake’s language and the chamber of secrets opened because he spoke to snake language. They went down and Lockhalt who was he teacher made a spell on both of them but the magicians implied on himself since he used Ron’s magic stick which was fookon and he lost his memory. Ron and Harry were separated by a wall of stones. Harry went inside and met Tonmarvoco Riddle and Jinney. Tom took his magic stick andhold that I am not Tom Marvoco Riddle. I am the Lord Voldemort. He clled the snake and Harry fought him to bravely and killed him. He destroyed the bookof Tom and Lord Voldermort was also killed. Harry was going to die but Dumbledore’s bird’s tear made him alright and they went back to the school. He was congratulated by Dumbleore and he freed Toby from his master. Hagred told him and ton that he one gift for both of them – Hermoine. She had recovered. Harry hugged him and she congratulated both of them for this brave work and the party started.

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