Monday, December 14, 2009

The Inheritance Book-1 Eragon by Christopher Paolini, reviewed by Anish George

The Inheritance Book-1 Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Reviewed by
Name: Anish George (15 years)
School: Fr Agnel School, Gautam Nagar, New Delhi

Eragon is book 1 of the cycle –The Inheritance series. This book is action packed and brimming with thrills right from the beginning.
The story revolves around Eragon, a 13 year old boy in Carvahall village, in north east Alagaesia. Eragon is an orphan who lives with his uncle and cousin. He never knew who his father was as only his mother came to Carvahall and left him in her brother’s care and no one knew about her whereabouts before that. One day Eragon finds a peculiar stone in the spine forest and he brings it back only to find in a few days that it hatched and out came a dragon baby. The dragon had hatched for him and he became the second remaining dragon rider after Galbatorix the evil king ruling the land. Eragon learned from the village story teller Brom that eons before when war was raging between the elves and the dragons, both sides had suffered a lot in the war and wanted peace. The elves formulated a magical bonding between the dragons and them, later included the humans too, to become dragon and dragon riders. These dragon riders went around forging alliances and restoring peace but one of them Galbatorix, betrayed them and killed his fellow riders. He asserted himself ruler of Alagaesia and has been there since then not even dying, but only growing stronger. Now the Empire’s army was searching for Eragon and his dragon determined to kill them. Eragon, dragon Saphira and Brom embark on a journey of their lives in search of the resistance against Galbatorix, the Varden. This journey is filled with thrills, drama and is bubbling with magic.
The book is a magical master piece with exceptional story telling by Paolini and a mind bending plot. The name of the series -Inheritance comes from the great search of Eragon for his parentage and this in itself is a big mystery in the story. This book will certainly fulfill anyone’s hunger for thrill, adventure, magic and above all, great storyline. This book is a must read for all the fiction lovers out there!

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