Monday, December 14, 2009

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, reviewed by Priyanka Sharma

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

Reviewed by
Name: Priyanka Sharma
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

Julius Ceasar is an icon of political life of Rome. He has expanded the Roman empire and brought booties to it. Immensely popular among the common Romans and many senate members, Cesar, however, is held in contempt by many of his colleagues like Cassius, who se jealous of his political dise and popularity Cassius nurses a desire to realize his political ambition by wiping out Caesar. So he convinces other senators about his cause. H achieves biggest success when he also wins over Marcus Bicutus, a very respected citizen and leader of Rome, to his side. They hatch a comprising to end of his life.

On the eve of Caesar’s assassination by the constipation led by Cassius, Calpuria (Caesar’s wife) has a nightmare which she sees several supernatural happenings foretelling that some harm would befall Caesar. She ask him not go to the senat where the members were waiting to crown him the Emperor. The senators found a very appropriate opportunity to kill Caesar, Proud and arrogant as he is, he laughably rejects the petition of Metallus Cimber to revoke his brother’s banishment. Casca is the first one to stab Caesar saying “Speaker being the last one to do so. Caesar falls down dead with these words on his lips “Et tu, Brute?” (You too, Brutus?)

With his unwatched oratory, Antony sways the feelings of the public in the favour of the dead Caesar and thus turns the mob against the conspirators, who have to flee for their lives. Mob jury and the military might of Antony and Octavious Caesar bring about the doom of the conspirators.

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