Monday, December 14, 2009

'Macbeth' by Mary Joseph, reviewed by Somya Srivastava

Macbeth by Mary Joseph

Reviewed by
Name: Somya Srivastava (11 years)
School: Father Agnel, Plot 2&3, Sector-62 Noida

'Macbeth', one of the 10 - part series of 'Shakespeare for children', retold by Mary Joseph, is published by: Sterling Press Private Limited at A-59, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II, New Delhi.
Mary Joseph is currently the Chief Editor at Learner's Press. The book is an adoption of the original play "Macbeth" created by the most famous playwriter of the 17th century- 'William Shakespeare'. She has brought to children all the exciting drama of the gripping story of 'Macbeth' in an easy and understandable way. The book is written in simple English but it still retains a great deal of the flavours of Shakespeare's own words.

The story begins with the predictions by 'The Three Witches' which were particularly addressed to Macbeth, the brave soldier of Scotland. They lure him to commit the greatest of crimes in order to gain access to the throne of Scotland. The rest of the story dramatises as how a good natured and loyal person is driven to evil deeds by hidden ambitions and emotions within himself. He is completely taken over by evil in the end and blindly believes onto the predictions by the 'Three Witches'.The characters of Macbeth play an important role in shaping his mindset, especially his wife as she encourages him to murder Duncan, the just and fair king of Scotland. The climax is fantabulous and Macbeth dies bravely in the end by the hands of Macduff, whose wife and children Macbeth had murdered.

The beginning is interesting and so is the end and so is the entire story. Young readers will find that they cannot leave the pages unturned as they read through one of the most exciting story of English literature. The story itself teaches us never to be totally corrupted by evil ambitions however lovely they may seem. The book provides a deep insight into the heart of William Shakespeare as he weaves the most interesting patterns out of the threads of wonderful imaginations.

The writer has ensured that no vital points are missing and all the suspense is retained. She has also left no stone unturned to make the book very much appealing to children. She has done the best of her efforts so that children don't find Shakespeare dull any more. The book consists of 60 pages and is available at an affordable price of Rs.105/- only. This book is a recommended must - have for children of all ages.

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