Monday, December 14, 2009

My Experiments With Truth by M.K Gandhi, reviewed by Vani Gupta

My Experiments With Truth by M.K Gandhi

Reviewed by
Name: Vani Gupta
School: Ryan International School, Noida

My experiments with truth is the autobiography of the father of the nation M.K GANDHI.In this book he has narrated his life story and his experience of life.He has highlighted the significance ,importance of truthfulness in leading a noble and purposeful life. His contribution in leading the struggle for freedom is tremendous.His devotion for the cause of freedom for the country from the mighty british rulers was tremendous.He went through great hardships in fighting a nonviolent battle against the britishers.The country is indeed indebted to him for the freedom he achieved for the citizens.His personal example and simplicity in life proved to be a torch bearer for the Indian citizens.The hallmark of his freedom struggle was nonviolence.He completed his bar at law studies in England and came back to India and started his legal practice.Very soon after he went to South Africa and started freedomstruggle against the British rulers.Thereafter he shifted back to India and lead the independence movement.His philosophy for fighting the independence was purely following nonviolent means was unique and original by itself.His following in the country was so much that it ultimately shook the mighty British Empire. Ultimately he was proved successful in his mission and got us freedom on 15 August 1947.In his autobiograpy titled "MY EXPERIMENTS WITH TRUTH"he has made us believe that decisions and actions of human beings based upon truth are praiseworthy and rewarding.

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