Monday, December 14, 2009

The Naughty Spoilt Girl by Ruskin Bond, reviewed by Nikita Bhateja

The Naughty Spoilt Girl by Ruskin Bond

Reviewed by
Name: Nikita Bhateja
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

Mrs. Allen was the mother of Elizabeth. Her mother tried to wake her up for going to school. But Elizabeth ignored to go to school because she hated a lot of children. So she said that, she would be with Miss. Scott (her governess). But her mother refused to stay with Miss Scott because Elizabeth had put ear-wings in the bed of Miss Scott. Her mother advised her not to do so. Then Elizabeth responded that if she send her to school, there Elizabeth would be so naughty and they will send her back home again. Because Elizabeth was very naughty girl, but she was very pretty with laughing blue eyes and dark brown curls. All her life she had done as she liked. Six governesses had come and gone, but none of them had been able to make Elizabeth obedient and good mannered. When her mother said that the school teacher won’t send her back. And also she needed the company of other boys and girls. But she didn’t like the company of other boys. So she begged her mother not to send her school. Her mother refused plainly that her mother and father were going away for a whole year, and Miss Scott won’t stay with her. So she had to go to school for learning good things. but Elizabeth told that they think that she was a stupid girl so they won’t keep her. Then her mother said that, they have written to Miss Belle and Miss Best for carrying her next week to white leafe school. Elizabeth reached to her Governor in anger. There she saw that Miss Scott was busy sewing Elizabeth’s name on a pile of brown stockings. She said to Miss Scott that she won’t wear stockings. But Miss Scott said that she had to wear in the school. Elizabeth requested Miss Scott not to send her to school. Miss Scott told her that she is afraid of going schools and afraid of mixing with other brilliant students. Elizabeth shouted and quickly responded that she will go to the school. When she came to know that she would be alone in her home, she sobbed to hear that. But Miss Scott loved her and adviced her to go to school. .Mss Scott packed her luggage, put all the stockings in the bag. When Elizabeth was passing by then, Miss Scot told Mrs. Allen that she would find a much nicer child when they come home back again.

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