Monday, December 14, 2009

The Night We Won The Buick, reviewed by Surabh Gautam

The Night We Won The Buick

Reviewed by
Name: Surabh Gautam
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

The story rotates around a young boy who is ashamed of his family because his family was the only one in the town which does not own a car. Their daily shopping trips were made in disreputable two – wheeled basket cart drawn by a horse called Barters. Every lop of his splayed hoofs dounded their poverty. His father’s salary as a clerk would have maintained hem in modest plenty if half of it had not gone to indigent relatives. Their mother used to say ‘if you have character you have the better part of wealth,’ living on little develops in new resources and built a spiritual bank account. Mother knew the secret of using a few metres of bright chant and a little paint in the right places. But the garages still stabled Barkis. Suddenly there arrived a soul igniting moment. It was the final gala night of country fair. It was the time for lucky draw. The major picked up 348 and shouted the name of his father. The poet was very happy but then only his father had an ethical problem. The ticket 348 had written on it. His father ha asked Jin Kendrick if he wanted to buy a ticket so his father bought two tickets and on 348 he marked K. Now the time was for the Buick to go to Jim. The poet did not get a car until he was grown up. But as time went his mother’s aphorism took a new meaning. They were newer richer tan they were at the moment when his Dad made the call.

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