Monday, December 14, 2009

The Swamp Monster, reviewed by Khushboo Kataria

The Swamp Monster

Reviewed by
Name: Khushboo Kataria
School: Gyan Mandir Public School

One brother and sister – John and Emmie had come to their grandparents to spent their summer vacations. After few days Emmie noticed that her grandpa used to take large quantity of food to the top floor and that was part of his everyday routine. One day Emmie asked his grandpa that she want to go on the top floor but, she was strictly restricted along with her brother to go upstair alone. One day their grandparents left them alone in the house telling them that they need to buy some products from the market and locked them inside. But, before going, their grandma repeatedly told that she had prepared a pudding ad they must eat it. They also warned them not to go on the top floor. After they left Emmie ad John decided to play hide and seek. Emmie wanted to hide somewhere, at a place where John couldn’t catch her. So, she went on the top floor,. She saw a bolted room there. When she opened the room she was horrified on seeing a phantom like creature sitting in front of her. She ran away downstairs and called John with her. As they could not go outside because the house was locked from outside, they were really scared. Suddenly, Emmie remembered about the pudding and when she opened the fridge, she saw two letters lying there. She unfold the first one and read that her grandparents had gone to call for help and will return after two to three days. In that letter it was also written about that swamp monster. However, they killed that monster or can say fainted him. They also managed to break the lock and to run from there. In their path John remembered about the second letter and asked Emmie to read that. In that letter it was written that if you are able to kill that monster then also don’t go out from the house as his siblings and other creatures like him are roaming around in the whole swamp to take revenue from them.

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