Monday, December 14, 2009

Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb, reviewed Nishtha Madan

Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb

Reviewed by
Name: Nishtha Madan (12 years)
School: Father Agnel School

This book has twenty tales from Shakespeare's plays.These are written with a view to make Shakespeare more familiar to the young.The tales are told with a simplicity making them delightful and faithful to their original.Shakespeare's own language has been skillfully interwoven into the thread of the narrative.

Shakespeare's style has a wider range than that of any other writer ancient or modern.

A brief story of the play 'The Tempest' Prospero was the Duke of Milan. He had a younger brother Antonio whom he trusted very much . As Prospero was very fond of studies he left the affairs of the state to his brother.His brother musused his power. He deprieved him of his kingdom by joining hands with Prospero's enemy, the King of Naples. Antonio put Prospero and his young daughter into a small boat and left them to perish at sea.But one of Prospero's loyal lord,Gonzalo secretly placed some water ,provisions and books in the boat.After some days they landed on a desert island .Prospero by his magic released many good spirits that had been imprisoned by a witch named Sycorax. One of them was Ariel. Ariel was grateful to Prospero for setting him free and served him obediently.
After many years,it so happened that Antonio and the King of Naples were caught in a storm and cast ashore upon this island .Prospero asked Ariel to scare them with strong winds .All the crew members were separated .The king's son Ferdinand was the first who leapt into the sea .The king thought him to be drowned .But Ariel had brought him safely to the island .Here, Ferinand and Miranda met each other.They fell in love.
Ariel had been scaring the King of Naples and Antonio with its strong winds.He even spoke to them of their cruelty to the Duke and his daughter by leaving them to perish at sea.They both repented their action. Prospero ordered Ariel to bring them to the island. They could not recognize Antonio at first due to terror and grief. When he came to know he was his brother, he asked for forgiveness with tears in his eyes. The King of Naples too was sorry for having helped Antonio in his wicked plan. They promised to restore his kingdom. Prospero too had a surprise for them . He showed them Ferdinand and Miranda together.The king was overjoyed to see his son. Ferdinand expressed his desire to marry Miranda . All of them were united in the end.All of them left the island. Prospero was happy as his dukedom was restored and his daughter was to marry Prince Ferinand.

This story teaches us to remain happy in adverse circumstances.It teaches us to have faith in God.It tells us that goodness is always rewarded.Those who follow the right path always prosper in the end. It is a play unique in style and must be read.

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