Monday, December 14, 2009

The Three Little Pigs, reviewed by Tanisha Banerjee

The Three Little Pigs

Reviewed by
Name: Tanisha Banerjee
School: Venkateshwara Intl. School, Dwarka, ND

The story is a nice reminder which teaches us the power of hard work and intelligence. The morale of the story is silently underlined within crafty words and emphasizes on the age old theory that no great job is done with half hearted motives. In this story when the two brothers hastily built their houses with straw and wood, the intelligent brother thought of the future and made the house with bricks, which is the strongest and also helped him in fighting against the naughty wolf and his mischief. The story teaches us that if one has a strong will and is not lazy to work for a secured future, then he stands to win against all evils and comes out the winner.

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