Monday, December 14, 2009

The Wandering Chicken, reviewed by Japleen Kaur

The Wandering Chicken

Reviewed by
Name: Japleen Kaur
School: VIS Dwarka

There was a hen that had three chickens. They slept under her wings all throughout the night and hopped in the yard during the day. There was a big door at the yard that shut the world out. The chickens were too small to see the world out over the top of the door but they could peep from under by it by bending their necks.
The two chickens were good and obedient but the third chicken was not like them. He wanted to see the world out
On one day the yard’s door open and the third chicken decided to walk and explore the world.
After some time he became very hungry and tired.
He saw a snail and asked for something to eat. The snail refused and said that she has nothing.
He walked on and saw a bird. She also refused and said, you don’t belong to me. Why should I give you food?”
The mouse and the grasshopper also refused to help him.
Suddenly a man came and lifted the chicken up. The chicken was scared! But the man put his hand on the chicken gently to make him warm and started walking.
The man kept the chicken down. There stood his mother.
“Mama!” Cried the chicken and crept under his mother’s feathers at once.

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