Monday, December 14, 2009

When Terror Comes To Town by Kumar Morey, reviewed by Anirudh Maheshwari

When Terror Comes To Town by Kumar Morey

Reviewed by
Name: Anirudh Maheshwari (14 years)
School: The Srijan School

I was given holidays homework from the school to read books and give the reviews of the book which i liked the most to you. So i read few books which includes:

1. " Trick in Time, Saves The Mullah!" (Retold by G.Radhakrishna)
2. "Story of Krishna" written by Manoj Das
3. "The Coconut Adventure" written by Veena Krishanan
4. "A Worthy Brother Indeed" written by ESDEE
5. "The Genius as the Judge" written by M.D
6. "When Terror Comes To Town" written by Kumar Morey

And I liked the book "When terror comes to town: as i found it adventerous and we got to learn about keeping relationships through this book.

This is an adventure story set in hyderabad. While the story makes use of the usual elements of the genre, The author handeling of a subject as volatile as terrorism is appreciable. The TITANS is the five member group of unlikely friends brought together by circumstance. When author overhears a conversation about a plan to bomb the amusement park, fun city, the TITANS swings into action. One gets the faint sense of deja-vu from Tanya's Miss. Proper-Class-Topper Characterization, but that aside , the characters are well-etched and consistent throughout the book. The friendship that the TITANS share cuts across class, liguistic and religious barriers, and it is this which offers the reader hope in the backdrop of hate-inspired terrorism. The author does well in writing about about the issue from an unbiased perspective. He manages to handle the sensitive issue without white washing the realities. Th efast-paced narrative will hold the reader's attention.

The story will be inspiring to yougsters growing up in these troubled times.

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