Monday, December 14, 2009

The Worth Of Salt, reviewed by Nirikta Mukherjee

The Worth Of Salt

Reviewed by
Name: Nirikta Mukherjee (9 years)
School: Delhi Public School, Indirapuram

The worth of salt is a story of a king who had three daughters. One day the king asked her daughters to express their love for the king. The two elder daughters said that they loved him a lot. The youngest daughter told him that she loved him more than salt. Hearing this king was very upset. He scolded her a lot. The youngest princess left the kingdom and went to another kingdom by the order of the king. At the new kingdom she worked like a boy servant to hide her identity. After some days she realized that she should not lie more to the new king. So she unfolded the truth. As soon as this new king came to know that she is a princess he proposed to marry her. The princess was ready. The new king and the princess invited her father and he came to the kingdom of her daughter. The princess cooked all the food herself without any salt. The king ate the food without salt and realized the value of salt.

From the story we have learnt two most important things in life. We should always be honest to ourselves and to others. We should not lie to anybody even to make a good impression. Secondly in our life there are so many things which are too simple on face value but only at their absence we can realize their actual value just like the father (king) who ultimately recognized her daughters love.

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