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The 3 Mistakes of my Life by Chetan Bhagat, reviewed by Abhijeet Gaur

The 3 Mistakes of my Life by Chetan Bhagat

Reviewed by
Name: Abhijeet Gaur
School: Hans Raj Model School, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

Yup! He is the same guy who had written “5 point someone” and “One night @ the call centre”. Chetan is alum of IIT Delhi and IIMA and worked with some investment bank for years before turning to writing.
His “5 point someone” was a rage which connected well with the youth of the nation. The YounGistan saw themselves in the characters of Hari, Ryan and Alok. Even after years of its publication, the book is selling like hot cakes.
His second book “One night @ the call centre” was a jab at night life at callcentres. Again young people and especially call centre “junta” related to it pretty easily as the book provided a glimpse into their work (read: fun and independent) life. A Bollywood movie is also been made on the same script which stars Salman Khan, Sohail Khan along with other people.
It was natural after 2 bestselling books that a lot was expected from this book. So how did this book fare on those expectations? Does Chetan engage his readers once again? Does there exist any spécial clan this time which can relate to this book?
First a glimpse into the story which is been set in early 2000s. The book is about 3 friends Govind, Ishaan and Omi from Ahmedabad. All three belong to lower middle class to middle class and all of them have different interests (read: passion) in life. Ish (as he is been referred to in the book) is crazy about Cricket (well who isn’t in this country of 100 crore Cricket frenzy nation :)), that’s where the character of Divya (Ish’s sister) steps in.
The three friends become business partners in a cricket shop which they open inside a temple run by Omi’s family. The business prospers with time and they plan to shift to an upcoming mall in some reputed area. The three young entrepreneurs work round the clock to save money for the new shop. Besides shop, Ish starts to provide cricket coaching to young people and Govind, the math’s tuitions. During one of the training sessions, Ish learns about this Muslim boy who is a night mare for bowlers and whose favourite shot was a six. Ish decides to coach Ali (the gifted boy) and puts him into the national team. Govind’s love story begins when he starts to teach Divya math’s who is about to take medical entrance exams.
The rest of the story revolves around these 5 main characters and how do their relationships change through thick and thin of Gujarat earthquake, terrorist attack on World Trade Towers and Godhra train mishap. Last 50 pages or so concentrates more on Godhra train mishap, its aftermath and its effect on the three friends and their protégé Ali.
Now that was about story.
What about the good points and the bad ones? Is the book compelling enough for one to buy a copy?

Well I will start off with good points. Like any other Chetan’s books, this one too contain Hinglish lingo which we can easily relate to. The mention of words like “Thepala” and “Khakhra” makes us feel that the book is written specially for us. The book is fact paced unlike “One night @ the call centre” which lost track sometimes in the Middle East. The book has cricket written all over it and when business is clubbed with it, a lethal combination comes up. (I believe IPL would have taken a clue from Chetan’s story )

Now it’s time for some “Not so good points”. The story which is developed so beautifully in the first half of the book slags a bit (only a bit) in the later half. I felt that the end could have been scripted better. Also the book could have been titled something else.

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