Monday, December 14, 2009

Dizzy by Cathy Cassidy, reviewed by Radha Ramachandran

Dizzy by Cathy Cassidy

Reviewed by
Name: Radha Ramachandran
School: Father Agnel school, Noida

Dizzy’s mum left her when she was 4, she lives with her dad. Every year on her birthday something arrives on her door --- a present or a postcard with her mum’s cool handwriting on it. But that year something really amazing arrives at her doorstep which whisks her away, and puts her world upside down…Her mother turns up to take her on a journey of adventure.

Can anyone think of a mother with baggy clothes and weird hair? Well I guess nobody can. Dizzy’s mother had changed her name after Dizzy was born; first she was Linda Caroline Kerr. Then she became ‘Storm’ because she wanted to be different. This book is about Dizzy’s journey of discovering nature and her mother. First Dizzy finds it difficult to accept her new life and the new image of her mother. Her mother was a free spirit not even bound to her daughter. Dizzy sees from close quarters the wild life of hippies. She slowly starts to like the freedom she gets from stripy ties, exhaust fumes and pollution and finds happiness in the company of her new friend and the newly acquired ‘brother’. But things change again …

You can read this book at one sitting. The characters are well defined and interesting. The first book of Cathy Cassidy doesn’t let us down.

It is a thumb up to Dizzy.

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