Monday, December 14, 2009

The Adventures Of Rusty by Ruskin Bond, reviewed by Varun Sachdeva

The Adventures Of Rusty by Ruskin Bond

Reviewed by
Name: Varun Sachdeva (12 years)
School: The Srijan School, Model Town, Delhi

In this novel the character Rusty studies in boarding school at Dehra. In holidays, Rusty likes to spend half of his holidays at his grandma’s house who was living with many animals around her but she didn’t have any relatives to stay with her. His grandma usually makes new dishes for him. Uncle ken who had left his job and was very lazy who never praises grandma’s dishes. Grandma was not very well off. So, Rusty and Mohan, the gardener’s son, went to sell grandma’s well known pickles to earn money.
After reading this novel, I got to know the love and affection of elderly people in our life. They gave us the values of life.

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