Monday, December 14, 2009

The Lion King, reviewed by Dipaen Rao

The Lion King

Reviewed by
Name: Dipaen Rao (8 years)
School: Venketeshwara International School

I love to read books, but what interests me the most is reading about animals. In this summer break I read a book by ladybird publications named “the lion king”.
The story starts with a couple who are in love with each other. Mufasa and sarabi give birth to a beautiful cub named Simon. Simon has a friend Nala and one uncle named scar whose envious of Mufasa’s family.scar wants to rule the jungle but he now knows that the throne would go to simon as he is the son of the king and this way mufasa’s family would continue to rule the jungle.scar then thinks to kill simon to discontinue musafa’s family rule.for this he makes three plans.
Simon plans to go to the elephant graveyard for which he is constantly stopped by his friend nala. Simon doesn’t listen to anyone and goes to the the graveyard uncle scar had sent three hynaes to kll simon.mufasa reaches the graveyard at end moment and saves simon. Next scar sends simon to gorge where again mugasa comes to same his son but dies himself. Scar puts the blame of mufasa’s death on simon and forces him to leave jungle.simon goes to a new jungle and makes friends with timon and pumba. one day simon comes across nala who tells him about scar who has been a bad king.simon seez the shadow of his father in the river which tells him to go and save his jungle from scar and tels him that his spirit would help him fight scar. Simon then fights with scar and brings an end to his rule. Simon marries nala later and at the end of the story nala gives birth to a cub who then takes over the throne.
I liked Simon a lot because of his adventurous spirit and his loving nature and enjoyed reading the book.

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